Hunt Content Management Tool

Sample Sites
Here are a few sites that currently use the Hunt CMT. Most customers know little or nothing about HTML, so most content is entered into text fields and text areas for each type of content. However, some customers like to have the flexibility to enter HTML within a text area or use an HTML editor to author content. HTML files can be uploaded to be used for the main content area. In all cases, an HTML template is used to specify the main header, navigation and footer. The customer only needs to focus on the main content area of each page.

Landmark Asset Services The entire site is managed by the CMT. The customer uses the CMT primarily to add information about new projects, including photos and client testimonials. We used this Web site to obtain screenshots for the CMT Demo.
Rehab Builders This site shows several before and after photos of building projects. The CMT allows the customer to easily add, change and delete project information.
A Grain of Sand Suzanne uses the CMT to manage her large collection of pearls, gemstones, crystal, sterling silver beads and findings, etc. She uses a digital camera to photograph her beads. She crops and resizes the images, then uses the CMT to upload them to the server. The CMT also allows her to easily add product information: title, description, size, price, etc.
The Nurturing Place The CMT is used to manage the Products section of this site. The customer can upload two photos per product, a thumbnail and a large version. Product titles, descriptions, prices, ingredients, and product IDs are managed by the CMT. Kristi can add, change and delete her products without assistance.
Endotalk This site is devoted to the specialty of gastointestinal and surgical endoscopy. The customer uses the CMT to easily manage all areas of the site including:
  • a monthly newsletter
  • events calendar
  • companies and services listed in the Endo Directory section
  • endoscopy-related course offerings for physicians and nurses/technicians
  • executive search firms
Custom software was developed for this site that uses some of the templates managed by the CMT.

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